Preventing Heat Stroke During Summer Months

Preventing Heat Stroke During Summer Months

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The summertime is full of outdoor adventures, and the best way to ensure a successful summer is to stay cautious of hot temperatures.

Summer heat can cause dehydration, sun poisoning, heat strokes, and more, so staying on top of heat prevention is a good way to keep yourself safe in hot weather.

More than 600 deaths each year are due to heat stroke. Some of these deaths are a product of children left alone in cars.

When leaving your car unattended, dogs or children should never be left behind, not even for a short period of time. Cracking your windows or opening a sunroof offers little relief to children or pets.

According to the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, before leaving your car, “look before you lock.” This saying reminds you to look in the back seat and throughout the vehicle to make sure a child or pet isn't still in the vehicle.

Bill Priese from the Meridian Township Fire Department said, “Great ways for beating the summer heat are to stay in the shade when possible outside, wear lighter colored clothing, use a good sunscreen and most importantly hydrate, hydrate…and again hydrate!”

When outside, remain aware of temperatures and look for shaded areas to keep yourself cool. Apply sunscreen to help avoid sunburns which affect the body’s ability to regulate temperature.

Make sure to stay hydrated. This is a crucial factor in avoiding heat stroke during the summer months. It is recommended to drink 6 to 8 oz. of water a day to keep you from the risk of dehydration.

“The fire department encounters many people each year that are experiencing a medical problem often caused by lack of hydration, especially during the warmer months,” Priese said, “A good general rule of thumb is to drink six to eight, 8oz glasses of water, per day, but people should check with their primary care physician to see what’s individually best for them.”

All of these tips will help to beat the heat and reduce risk for heat stroke.

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