Ingham County Parks Wants Your Feedback

Ingham County Parks Wants Your Feedback

INGHAM COUNTY - The Ingham County Parks directors are encouraging all community members and interested parties to fill out a short survey to influence the future of the parks. Every five years, Ingham County updates its Parks and Recreation Master Plan, taking feedback from the community into consideration when deciding which updates to implement.

“It gives us kind of a compass of where we needed it go, the facilities that we need to either update or add to, and programming and staffing,” said Ingham County Parks Director Tim Morgan.

“We saw just under 1.5 million visitors last year, so it’s important we hear from as many of them as we can, as far as their desires, their needs, their wants, what they might be interested in moving forward. Not only what we’re doing well, but what we’re doing not so well, or if there’s things we don’t offer now that they’d like to see.”

Residents can complete the survey online, or attend one of three in-person open house dates on July 20, 22, and 26.

Additional Resources


Take the Survey Here

In-person Open House Dates from 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM:

  • July 20 – Lake Lansing Park South, Main Shelter, 1621 Pike Street, Haslett
  • July 22 – Burchfield Park, Winter Sports Building, 881 Grovenburg Road, Holt
  • July 26 – Hawk Island, Red Tail Shelter, 1601 East Cavanaugh Road, Lansing

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