Fire Department Receives a Ring Cutting Demonstration

Fire Department Receives a Ring Cutting Demonstration

OKEMOS, MI - Wheat Jewelers recently gave the Meridian Township Fire Department a ring cutting demonstration. After a conversation with the Fire Marshall, store owner Kevin Wheat learned that the Fire Department did not possess “the correct tools to crack off some of the newer alternative metals.”

The Fire Department had the standard ring cutter that was more suited for precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum. However, against alternative metals such as titanium, tungsten, carbon fiber, and ceramic, a ring cracker is needed.

“These ring crackers are not designed for the traditional gold silver or platinum rings, they are designed for the newer alternative metals, ceramic, tungsten, and titanium, primarily.”

Wanting to contribute to Meridian Township, Wheat Jewelers donated a Ring Cracker to each ambulance in case anyone in the community has hand trauma from an incident, such as a car accident, and required removal of an alternative metal object.

Kevin Wheat demonstrated the correct way to use the ring cracker by cracking off an alternative metal ring from the finger of Fire Chief Mike Hamel.

“It will crack them off just by screwing, squeezing, and putting pressure on them. The standard ring cutter with the diamond blade will just twist and not really affect the rings at all.”

Using the proper tool for the removal of a ring is important for the safety of the individual. However unlike precious metals, once an alternative metal is broken, it can not be repaired.

“Use a stand ring cutter for precious metals. If you are bending the ring and not snapping it then use your other ring cutter.”

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