A Styrofoam Saturday at Meridian Township Farmers' Market

A Styrofoam Saturday at Meridian Township Farmers' Market

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Saturdays are a day to relax and recover from the workweek, but for the Green Meridian Team, it’s a day to give back to the Earth. In the middle of the Meridian Township Farmers’ Market on June 19, the team was busy collecting styrofoam from residents to recycle and giving out information on recycling.

This event was located at the Marketplace on the Green. Running from 8:00 am to 2:00 pm, the market had over 60 vendors with products like fresh produce, baked goods, artisanal goods and more. The Farmers’ Market is operating every Saturday until the end of October.

During the June 19 event, the Green Team worked in conjunction with the Ingham Conservation District to give visitors more information about micro-plastics and other concerns to the environment.

Michelle Beloskur, the executive director of Ingham Conservation District, was behind the green resources table during the event, letting visitors know the dangers of microplastics. Along with information, Beloskur also had 300 special laundry bags to give to visitors, that would help trap fibers from clothes that contain microplastics.

Even if you missed the Green Team on June 19, they will be back at the Meridian Township Farmers’ Market. LeRoy Harvey, Meridian's environmental programs coordinator, said last month they did a bicycle recycling event and next month they have plans for a new event.

“Next month we are going to do a medicine collection,” Harvey said. “It’s just an opportunity to draw attention to some of the recycling resources in the community.”

The Green Team will also have a larger electronics event in September with around 70 volunteers, said Harvey.

Harvey said the team works a lot on recycling, but also discusses other topics pertaining to the environment.

“Today we’re giving out information not just about recycling, but about ways you can protect your water, ways you can save energy, reduce waste, reduce pollution, things like that,” Harvey said.


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