Tips To Beat The Summer Time Heat

Tips To Beat The Summer Time Heat

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - As summer fun approaches, it’s important to remember safety measures for being outdoors during the long hot and humid summer days.

High temperatures, along with the humidity, can increase the risk of heat stroke for anyone.

“Great ways for beating the summer heat are to stay in the shade when possible outside, wear lighter colored clothing, use a good sunscreen,” said Meridian Township Fire Department Chief of Training, Bill Priese.

Priese also said the most important thing residents can do to beat the summer heat is to stay hydrated.

“The fire department encounters many people each year that are experiencing a medical problem often caused by lack of hydration, especially during the warmer months,” said Priese. “A good general rule of thumb is to drink six to eight, 8oz glasses of water, per day, but people should check with their primary care physician to see what’s individually best for them.”

Staying hydrated with liquids containing electrolytes, like Gatorade or Powerade, will best help in efforts to beat heat stroke. Drinks that include caffeine or alcohol are not recommended because they take away water from the body.

“The Township has a wonderful selection of parks to enjoy or there are many great outdoor destinations across Michigan, just remember to bring your water bottle,” said Priese.

According to the Mayo Clinic some common signs of heat stroke include flushed skin, rapid breathing, a high body temperature of 104 degrees Fahrenheit or higher and headaches.

If someone is showing signs of heat stroke, people should call 911. After paramedic assistance is called for, people can mist themselves or those impacted with water in a shaded area. Ice packs and cold towels applied to the body can also decrease someone’s temperature.

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