New Full-Time Police Officers Introduced to Meridian Township

New Full-Time Police Officers Introduced to Meridian Township

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Board held their virtual meeting on Tuesday, June 1st and gave a presentation introducing 4 new police officers.

Bart Crane, a Lieutenant with the Meridian Township Police Department, was in attendance and introduced each of them to the Township Board, Taya Catherwood, Bryant Martin, and Maggie and Meghan Cole. Lieutenant Crane was part of the hiring group committee for all four individuals and the number of employed police officers is now at 38, reaching closer to the goal of 41. The police officers were sworn in at the pavilion outside the Municipal Building on Monday, May 24th. Treasurer Phil Deschaine had the pleasure of meeting the four officers in person at their swearing-in ceremony, along with their families and says he’s excited to have each of them on the board.

All four new police officers were present during last night's meeting. Each of them spoke a few words thanking the Township Board for the opportunity to be a police officer in Meridian Township. Catherwood, who is originally from Ohio, moved to Michigan and feels blessed for the opportunity and is excited to work for the police department, “I feel like I’m part of the family and I absolutely love it.”

Martin, who came from the Fowlerville area, is a graduate from the Kalamazoo Valley Police Academy. Meghan and Maggie Cole are twin sisters who have a tie to law enforcement in their family. They were cadets in the Meridian Township Police Department, as well as division one athletes at Michigan State University.

Cole thanked the Township Board for the sponsorship while she was attending the police academy, “Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be a police officer in Meridian. I look forward to meeting you all and starting a great career here."

Meridian Township is looking forward to all four officers starting a great career in the community.

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