National Bike Month Encourages People to Start Pedaling

National Bike Month Encourages People to Start Pedaling

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The League of American Bicyclist is celebrating May as National Bike Month.

National Bike Month was established in 1956, to promote the benefits of biking to encourage others to start pedaling.

One study shows that 40% of all trips taken in the United States are shorter than two miles in distance.

The League of American Bicyclist hope that by promoting biking, to places such as work or school, there will be a decrease in the number of harmful emissions released into the atmosphere from car travel.

Additionally, research shows biking helps maintain someone's physical and mental health, with short rides having larger benefits that include improving mental focus and happiness.

Studies also show that short rides can also reduce stress and anxiety.

Residents that want to try biking can visit Meridian Township Transportation Commissioner, Tim Potter, at the MSU Bikes Service Center. Potter manages the service center and said he lives and breathes biking.

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