Township Board Opposes Parole of Convicted Murderer

Township Board Opposes Parole of Convicted Murderer

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Board recently passed a resolution urging the Michigan Parole Board to deny parole to a Donald Miller.

In 1977 and 1978, Don Miller, a 23 year-old East Lansing resident, committed a series of crimes, including the murders of four young women, beginning with his ex fiancé. He also raped and attempted to murder a teenage girl and her brother in Delta Township.

A plea deal was entered in order to recover the bodies and bring comfort to the families of the victims, and now Miller is eligible for parole. Township Supervisor Ron Styka does not agree with this decision.

“But right now, he's up for parole, and communities throughout the Michigan Area, Mid-Michigan Area, our own police chief and others, even organizations and citizens within the Township and neighboring communities are writing letters and communicating to the parole board saying 'do not give an early parole,' Supervisor Styka said. “Let Mr. Miller stay in there as long as his sentence allows him to. So this resolution is short and sweet, comes to the point, and I'm asking that we adopt it and send it to the parole board as quickly as possible."

The Parole Board will review Don Miller’s sentencing some time in April and will make a decision whether or not he should be granted parole.

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