Township Park Commissioners Show Gratitude After Updates on Eagle Scout Projects

Township Park Commissioners Show Gratitude After Updates on Eagle Scout Projects

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - In the March 9th Zoom meeting, the Meridian Township Park Commission accepted with action two Eagle Scout projects; the Meridian Bat House Project and the Dog Agility Equipment Project.

According to the Eagle Scout Service Project Report, the Meridian Township Bat Houses Project was led by Eagle Scout Austin McCormick in an effort to decrease insect population and give homes to bats in the community. In the report, McCormick said finding volunteers to build the bat houses was a success, the volunteers showed up on time and all five bat houses were built and installed, spending only $25.

In the report, McCormick said the project occurred during the COVID-19 pandemic, causing delays in progress. He said they were unable to have a bake sale or can drives due to concerns of exposure to the virus, which limited funding. McCormick said his dad donated the $25 they used to complete the project.

Once planning was completed, the project began Aug. 17, 2020 and was completed Nov. 8, 2020.

In the Township Park Commission meeting, McCormick provided updates to his project and described the process his team underwent to successfully complete the project, along with describing photos taken of his team building and installing the bat houses.

Chair Commissioner Amanda Lick said she is glad that the bats have five new homes in the Township.

“Thank you so very much for describing those pictures,” Lick said. “It looks like it took a lot of work and planning and time and attention and it’s just incredible.”

Scoutmaster Thomas Porter gave updates on Gryffin Porter’s Dog Agility Equipment Eagle Scout Project. He said his project is starting soon and that it is in the fundraising phase. Starting in March, Thomas Porter said emails will possibly be sent out to current dog park users to see if they want to contribute to the project.

Thomas Porter said fundraising may happen through a GoFundMe page, can drives, and/or direct donations.

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