New Fire Service Agreement with Alaiedon Township

New Fire Service Agreement with Alaiedon Township

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - During the Meridian Township Board meeting on February 23rd, the Township discussed approving a new contract between Delhi Township, Alaiedon Township, and Meridian Townships’s fire services presented by Fire Chief Mike Hamel.

The previous three year contract agreement expired on January 1st, 2021. Delhi Township sent a new contract agreement for Meridian Township that will carry on from the previous 2020 contract fees. The new contract covers strictly fire responses that are, “$900 dollars per call, $90 for command cars, and every hour after the first hour is an additional $600 fee," explained Chief Hamel.

The purpose of the agreement is to assist Delhi Township with the lack of resources to cover Alaiedon Township with fire responses.

The Fire Chief Hamel also mentioned the new contract, “brings in roughly around $30,000 a year to the general fund. For the next three years they [Delhi Township] want to stay status quo with the 2020 fees.”

The new contract agreement was approved by the Meridian Township’s Board members the night of the virtual meeting was hosted.

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