Slotkin Unveils Security Agenda

Slotkin Unveils Security Agenda

HOLLY, MICHIGAN - U.S. Representative Elissa Slotkin unveiled a new security plan Wednesday, February 11th, in her State of the District address. Slotkin focused on improving the health, economic, and physical security of the people of Michigan.
Slotkin began with addressing Healthy Security, the biggest concern shared by many Michiganders, the Covid-19 vaccine, and how to obtain it.

“If you work with patients at a hospital, as a doctor, a nurse, EMT. If you take care of vulnerable residents at a long-term care facility,” said Rep. Slotkin. “If you are a first responder, a corrections officer, or if you work in a K-12 school, or child-care center, check with your employer because you are indeed eligible for the vaccine.”

In addition to addressing the challenges with the COVID-19 vaccine, Slotkin discussed the plans to support the residents and small businesses of Michigan through Federal Stimulus packages. So far, Congress has passed six bipartisan bills to provide relief with stimulus checks, expanded unemployment, loans, grants for Michigan’s small businesses, and more. The Security Agenda will continue to support food banks and the tens of thousands of Michiganders who remain unemployed. Slotkin stated that she would not stop continuing to make life-saving medicine and healthcare affordable to the residents of Michigan.

Slotkin then addressed Economic Security and expressed her desire to bring manufacturing back to America. Reducing dependence on foreign sources of critical medical supplies by overhauling and updating strategic national stockpiles will strengthen Michigan’s economy.

“Through common-sense reforms and compromise, we can construct an immigration system that reflects our values, morals, and history as a nation of immigrants while protecting our borders,” said Rep. Slotkin.

Slotkin stated under the physical security plan that “environmental security should be treated like homeland security.” She spoke about many ideas that could be put in place to ensure every Michigander have access to safe drinking water. Slotkin plans to:
“Work with new leadership at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to push to establish a stringent, national standard on PFA’s and other contaminants.”

Slotkin’s Physical Security Agenda addressed the rise in Domestic Terrorism and Cybersecurity. Slotkin’s plans to address domestic terrorism through a common and shared understanding of the problem, including:
“Build a shared vocabulary. In order to really confront this serious threat to our communities, we need to ensure that we’re all talking about the same thing — laying out a common terminology for domestic terrorism threats.”

In addition to working on domestic terrorism, she also will be working to give Michigan, and local governments tools and funding that is necessary to defend against cyber threats, and modernize digital infrastructure.

To watch Representative Slotkin’s full State of the District Address, go to the link below.

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