Winter Snow Removal Guidelines & Responsibilities

Winter Snow Removal Guidelines & Responsibilities

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The snow is quite beautiful as it falls from the sky, however residents from Meridian Township must be mindful of the importance of keeping their sidewalks clear in the upcoming months.

The Snow is coming, therefore the Township officials request assistance from the entire community. According to the Snow Removal Ordinance in Article II sidewalks:

-Property owners and occupants are responsible for snow removal on the sidewalks abutting their home.
-Snow should be removed within 24 hours after it snowing stops.
-If the snow remains on the public sidewalk for more than 24 hours, Meridian Township may clear the sidewalk and then bill the expenses related to the removal to the owner or occupant.
-Snow should not be piled in a manner that results in obstruction of vision that would mean being between a car and users on the sidewalks.
-No person shall place snow or ice upon a street right of way that will impair vehicular or pedestrian of non-motorized traffic.

Township residents have supported an extensive pathway system since the 1970’s and to have a walkable community is a priority. Protect yourself and others as the snow falls.

To view the full snow removal ordinance on the Township website, visit For additional information, contact the Meridian Township Department of Public Works at 517.853.4440 or by email at

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