Christmas Tree Decorating in the Haslett Community

Christmas Tree Decorating in the Haslett Community

HASLETT, MI - A Christmas tree decorating event took place on Friday, November 26th at 1pm on the corner of Haslett and Green Rd.

Kelly Flagg, a retired teacher from Haslett Public Schools, was the coordinator of the event and put it on social media to invite people in the community to come together and help. Volunteers who came were her husband and daughter Don and Katie Flagg, along with their neighbors Dan Bollman, and his son Luke, and Dennis and Sandy O’ Connor. Flagg spoke with HOMTV and said, “We need a town Christmas tree and we have the tree established. This is the third year we have decorated the tree, everyone loves the idea.”

Refreshments were also available for everyone who came to help. $500 in donations were received in 3 days to purchase 60 strands of lights to put on the tree using a 15ft. ladder. While Flagg admits it’s hard because its a big tree and is getting larger every year, the owner of the property wanted to make the tree in his front yard a Haslett Community Christmas tree.

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