Walnut Hills Property Update from Meridian Township

Walnut Hills Property Update from Meridian Township

EAST LANSING, MI - The Meridian Township Board held a virtual meeting on Tuesday, November 17th to give an update on the Walnut Hills Country Club property that was discussed at their November 5th meeting.

Walnut Hills is located at 2874 East Lake Lansing Road and is a 190 acre golf site that has been around for 100 years, and has been recently purchased from a developer on the east side of the state. The property has not been cared for the last two and a half years and the Township has been working with the residents to improve that. A family who wants to remain anonymous came along to purchase the property from Summer Park Realty, the owners of the property and want 4 homes built nearby, and have it be a family site for them and their extended family.

Meridian Township Manager Frank Walsh said as of Monday November 16th, “The sale was memorialized and the family followed through with their commitment. They have the property now and is in good hands and are now beginning the process of cleaning up the property and the Township will be meeting with them on Thursday, November 19th to talk about the next steps for the property.”

Dan Opsommer, a Trustee on the Township Board, also spoke on the matter, “This is a good day for the community to have someone that will take care of the site moving forward. I look forward to demolition occurring and resolve what has been an ongoing going issue for the last two years.”

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