Meridian Township COVID-19 Work From Home Program Update

Meridian Township COVID-19 Work From Home Program Update

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township Manager Frank Walsh spoke to members of the Board and gave an update on the COVID-19 work from home program during Tuesday's Township Board virtual meeting, and thanked the Township’s entire team for where they're at with the process, “This isn’t easy because we have 13 different departments. We have some people that must be here every day, and some people that should be here, and some that don’t. Finding a common ground on all this and making it a leveled playing field for everyone is very difficult."

Walsh commended IT Director Stephen Gebes for getting hardware for employees that could work remotely from home, and thanked the Board for their financial commitment.

The Municipal Building is currently closed to the public and Walsh addressed issues concerning residents that come to pay their bills, as well as getting a permit.

"We’re trying to limit the number of people coming in the building out of respect for the public due to several positive tests of people that have been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the public safety departments and make serving the community that more difficult," Walsh said. “We have two goals, number 1 is taking care of our people, and number 2 to serve the public. I think we’re doing well at both and every day is an adventure trying to do this. We have a number of people working at home and some people still serving the public, and it’s going to be that for quite a while.”

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