Elissa Slotkin Wins Reelection and Addresses Healing Our Country

Elissa Slotkin Wins Reelection and Addresses Healing Our Country

HOLLY, MI - Democratic Incumbent 8th District Congressional Representative, Elissa Slotkin, delivered remarks via livestream today from her home in Holly, MI to supporters following Tuesday's election, as well as answering questions from the media that were present. Slotkin said, "Like many of you, I am closely watching the election returns. And although we can’t be certain until every single vote is counted, at this hour I have strong confidence that we will succeed here in the 8th District."

During the live stream event Slotkin was asked how she plans to unite Michigan and have both parties together. “After that peaceful transition of power, the real work of Phase 3 begins, and that is the healing of our country. We must figure out how we come back together as a nation. I refuse to believe that our politics will simply be this toxic from here on out. I refuse to be a part of the same zero-sum politics that pit neighbor against neighbor. We all will have to do something very hard -- which is keep the door open for one another and find love in our hearts for our fellow man. That does not mean we should ignore or remain silent in the face of the troubling, extremist and even violent currents that have emerged in the last few months. We cannot and will not accept attempts to undermine democracy using violence and intimidation. We can’t ignore threats to our security that are increasingly linked to white supremacy and anti-government extremism. Whatever the ideology behind it, the only acceptable response to violent threats is to condemn them and to oppose the people responsible. But at the same time, we must keep the door open for people to do the right thing. We must keep a hand outstretched to one another. We must do that very American thing of self-reflection and commitment to improve,” said Slotkin.

Slotkin also addressed the kind of leaders we need to heal Michigan and added, “We need leaders who set examples to follow. From the clerks counting our votes, to the cabinet officials who must oversee a peaceful transition of power, we need to rise to this occasion and spend more time honoring the values we share than we do widening the fissures between us. That’s my job as long as I serve as your representative in Congress."

Slotkin has won reelection in Michigan's 8th Congressional District against her Republican challenger Paul Junge, to win the notoriously Republican stronghold. She was strictly aligned with Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi overcoming attacks that she refused to work across the aisle and accusations that when it came to voting. Slotkin ran on her accomplishments, responding to the global and economic health crisis and protection for Michigan’s water and renewed her fight for affordable health care.

This will be Congresswoman Slotkin’s second term in office, after winning a tough race against Republican opponent Mike Bishop in 2018.

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