Unofficial 2020 General Election Results for Local Contested Races

Unofficial 2020 General Election Results for Local Contested Races

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Unofficial final results for the November 3rd General Election in Ingham County have been posted on the Ingham County Clerk's Office website as of 6:25 am on Wednesday, November 4th. This election experienced a record number of voters voting by mail, primarily attributed to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Although the race for President/Vice President is still yet to be determined in many battleground states including Michigan, Ingham County voters voted in favor of former Vice President Joe Biden.

(R) Donald J. Trump - 47,640 votes
[X] (D) Joseph R. Biden - 94,221 votes

In Ingham County, 145,586 ballots were cast which is 67.9% of the total registered voters of 214,400. The Ingham County Clerk's Office results webpage breaks down the numbers by ballots cast on Election Day and from the Absent Voter (AV) Counting Boards.

Here are the unofficial final results for Meridian Township and Ingham County local contested races HOMTV covered during the November 3rd General Election:

Representative in Congress – 8th District (elect 1)
(R) Paul Junge - 44,020 votes
[X] (D) Elissa Slotkin - Incumbent - 96,400 votes
(LIB) Joe Hartman - 2,732 votes

State Representative – 69th District (elect 1)
(R) Grace S. Norris - 12,648 votes
[X] (D) Julie Brixie - Incumbent - 30,079 votes
(GRN) Gene Gutierrez - 680 votes

Prosecuting Attorney (elect 1)
(R) George Platsis - 45,757 votes
[X] (D) Carol A. Siemon - Incumbent - 90,584 votes

Ingham County Sherriff (elect 1)
(R) Daniel J. Wells - 41,841 votes
[X] (D) Scott A. Wriggelsworth - Incumbent - 98,738 votes

Ingham County Clerk (elect 1)
(R) Joseph W. Werner - 44,406 votes
[X] (D) Barb Byrum - Incumbent - 95,723 votes

Ingham County Treasurer (elect 1)
(R) Bruce A. Little - 46,355 votes
[X] (D) Eric A. Schertzing - Incumbent - 92,141 votes

Ingham County Register of Deeds (elect 1)
(R) Carol J. VanDrie - 48,321 votes
[X] (D) Derrick Quinney - Incumbent - 88,678 votes

Ingham County Drain Commissioner (elect 1)
(R) Brian B. Beauchine - 46,593 votes
[X] (D) Patrick Lindemann – Incumbent - 91,189 votes

Ingham County Commissioner – 11th District (elect 1)
(R) Paul Adams Lello - 3,931 votes
[X] (D) Emily Stivers - Incumbent - 8,524 votes

Ingham County Commissioner – 12th District (elect 1)
(R) Sam Frangie - 3,256 votes
[X] (D) Mark Polsdofer - Incumbent - 8,336 votes

Haslett Public Schools (elect 2)
[X] (NP) Greg Bird - 3,784 votes
[X] (NP) Tracy Collins - Incumbent - 3,562 votes
(NP) Camara Lewis - 2,545 votes

Okemos Public Schools (elect 4)
[X] (NP) Katie Cavanaugh - Incumbent - 8,001 votes
(NP) Joe Freidhoff - 4,272 votes
(NP) Thomas Gorman - 3,911 votes
[X] (NP) Melanie C. Lynn - Incumbent - 7,052 votes
[X] (NP) Andy Phelps - 4,908 votes
[X] (NP) Jayme Taylor - 5,081 votes

Statewide Proposal 1 - Collect State Funds for Land Protection and Creation from Oil and Gas Mining
[X] Yes - 114,243 votes
No - 19,730

Statewide Proposal 2 - Require a Search Warrant in Order to Access Electronic Data and Communications
[X] Yes - 123,216 votes
No - 13,007 votes

Ingham County Public Transportation Millage Renewal Question
[X] Yes - 108,803 votes
No - 25,229 votes

Meridian Township EMS-Fire Protection Millage Renewal Question
[X] Yes - 19,760 votes
No - 4,014 votes

Meridian Township Land Preservation Millage Renewal and Reduction Question
[X] Yes - 17,960 votes
No - 5,564 votes

Meridian Township Police Protection Millage Renewal Question
[X] Yes - 16,578 votes
No - 7,142 votes

The Meridian Township Supervisor Race, Meridian Township Treasurer Race, Meridian Township Trustee Race and Meridian Township Park Commissioner Race were uncontested in the General Election with no Republican Challengers. Incumbents in those positions will continue to serve Meridian Township for another 4-Year Term.

Meridian Township Clerk-Elect Deborah Guthrie was unopposed in the General Election. She will be sworn-in on November 20th and will replace current Meridian Township Clerk Brett Dreyfus.

Additional Resources

For a detailed list of the unofficial final Primary Election Results, visit the Ingham County Clerk's Office website


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