Nancy Hollis Calls on MSU to Release Documents Related to the Nassar Incident

Nancy Hollis Calls on MSU to Release Documents Related to the Nassar Incident

EAST LANSING - During the Board of Trustees meeting on Oct. 30, the wife of former Michigan State Athletic Director, Nancy Hollis, demanded the board to release documents related to the Nassar incident.

During the public comment portion of the meeting, Hollis called out several trustees to release the 6,000 documents to the public. She called on chair Dianne Byrum to share with the public things they discussed on a private phone call they had last year.

Bryum admitted that she had a conversation with Hollis over a year ago and said, “I didn’t recall the exact conversation but I can say that I wouldn’t have told her anything I haven’t publicly stated.”

Hollis also expressed her disappointment in Democrat incumbent Brian Mosallam. Mosallam said that he would read through the 6,000 page document but he said he hasn’t had time due to family obligations. Mosallam’s seat on the board is up for reelection this year and he is endorsed by survivor Kaylee Lorincz.

Hollis was also questioned about Bill Beekman’s promotion as permanent athletic director in 2018.

“The legacy members of this board approved and endorsed the prior administration’s vice president and your very own secretary to this board of trustees as first the interim president and then on to his current position as athletic director. I believe his role within the administration should be disclosed by the release of the over 6,000 emails you are withholding.”

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