Non Discrimination and Fair Employment Policies Act

Non Discrimination  and Fair Employment Policies Act

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On Tuesday, July 7th, the Meridian Township Board met to discuss the Non Discrimination and Fair Employment Policies Act.

Trustee Courtney Wisinski wants to remove the criminal record question from job applications, because she believes that every one deserves a second chance, including her own sister who committed a crime. Trustee Wisinski also believes that the question on the application is unnecessary. Wisinski believes that if we take the question of the application, she can show her skills and we can do the background check after we evaluate her skills. Wisinski believes that it removes one last barrier for people who make one wrong choice in their life.

Trustee Phil Deschaine agreed and said that the Township could ask the candidate what have they done since the crime to help themselves get better. Deschaine clarified that banning the box does not mean we stop doing background checks. The Township is going to allow people the opportunity to apply and if they do have a criminal background, the township will give them a chance to explain when it was and what the circumstances were.

Meridian Township Clerk Brett Dreyfus wonders if there is a way to separate misdemeanors and felonies. He also believes it is important to know if the applicant who is applying for a job has been convicted of a felony or sex crimes and he wonders if the Township can ban the box in misdemeanor crimes.

Meridian Township Trustee Dan Opsommer says this is a corrective action for people to be able to speak on their education and knowledge before that factor of the employment equation occurs.

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