Ingham County COVID-19 Update

Ingham County COVID-19 Update

INGHAM COUNTY, MI - MPA Health Officer Linda Vail for Ingham County gave a COVID-19 Update on Tuesday, June 16. The data showed that cases have significantly dropped, and Ingham County is generally heading in the right direction.

“We’ve had little bumps here and there but have had a significant and steady downward trend since late April,” said Vail.

No new cases have been reported yesterday or today, and Vail spoke on the different zip codes that were most affected. There have been 780 confirmed cases in Ingham county that mostly affected 48911, 48910 and 48906. These locations (as well as surrounding areas) are continuing to flatten their curve. Vail commented that recent testing reports are from weeks ago so it may be going down even faster than the data suggests.

“This flattening we’ve had for a while now, we definitely have flattened out this graph which when we start to add no new cases per day, we hope to see this continue,” said Vail.

With 56% of patients recovered, 40% home, and 4% deceased, the trend is shrinking. Vail characterized this shrinking as being “slow and steady”.

The Health Department has been using a county wide heat map to track the virus, along with considerable amounts of patient testing. As no new cases have surfaced, the map “hasn’t changed a lot” said Vail, but they are still monitoring high risk zip codes such as 48911 and 48910.

The confirmed cases in Ingham County (by race) are 2% unknown, 6% other, 15% Asian, 28% Black and 49% Caucasian. These vary slightly across zip codes, which is why Vail and others are using this information to prepare for any upticks.

“We had really good control over the first wave, there will be cases continuing over the next few months. Hopefully we will be prepared between testing, contact tracing, quarantine and the ability the self-isolate and hopefully educate the public about the steps people can take prevents the transmission of COVID-19 to get us through the fall,” said Vail.

When asked about beaches and parks reopening, Vail discussed that some decision makers had misinterpreted new guidelines, and were concerned about being able to monitor distances, masks, etc. We should expect these parks and beaches to reopen shortly.

“I think they should open the beaches. I understand they feel like they have an obligation to be out there enforcing social distancing but to some extent we have to rely on the people to be responsible,” said Vail.

There will be two free testing events this week if you or someone you know notices COVID-19 like symptoms. These events are being held on Wednesday, June 17 at Abundant Grace Faith Church from 3pm-7pm and Friday, June 19 at Cristo Rey Church from 1pm-6pm.

Pure Michigan isn’t out of the woods, so continuing to carry out state guidelines is crucial as we unite against this pandemic.

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