Representative Elissa Slotkin Addresses State-Level Funding Options

Representative Elissa Slotkin Addresses State-Level Funding Options

HOLLY, MI - Representative Elissa Slotkin held her third tele-town hall meeting to update Michiganders on financial matters and small businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The event went live at 12 pm and two of Representative Slotkin's colleagues were also present, Lieutenant Governor Garlin Gilchrist II and Elizabeth Hertel, the Senior Chief Deputy Director for Administration of the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services. Representative Slotkin was speaking from Holly, Michigan and said, “We are truly experiencing a new generational event with COVID-19 and want to be sure we get the resources we need to what you're entitled to and what the path is moving forward, both on the reopening of small businesses and checks that are coming from the federal government. We’re having a difficult few weeks with infections and people passing away from the coronavirus, we’re making sure we’re doing everything we can to protect ourselves and our families.”

Rep. Slotkin reviewed the appropriations that will affect Michigan residents financially on small businesses and families. Slotkin says, “The first two supplementals were for our medical and scientific communities mobilized to start researching this virus. The second supplemental package was addressed for personal safety by ramping up testing, getting unemployment benefits moving, food securities, food banks and expanding medicare funding for the state. The third emergency package is the Cares Act, which was the $2 trillion package, one of the largest economic recovery packages in our nation’s history. It really helps our health care systems by putting money into our hospitals. We’ve expanded on who can get unemployment as long as the COVID-19 crisis is taking place, and added a $600 per check that includes paid leave options and most important was putting money into the Small Business Association for loans.” The 4th package will be voted on Wednesday, April 22 when Slotkin goes back to Washington.

The next topic Rep. Slotkin discussed were the stimulus checks, “If a person makes less than $75,000, they will get a check for $1,2000. If a person makes between $75,000 to $90,000 a year, they will be getting a check less than $1,200. Those checks have already been sent out and started with people who filed their taxes in 2018 or 2019 and had a direct deposit option when they did their taxes and have geared people who saw that money get into their bank account.” states Slotkin.

The IRS, along with the help of the treasury, is sending out $5 million in checks per week and will be doing that for the next 22 weeks. For those who didn’t file or on social security, or a senior, they will be getting those checks the same exact way they would get their check for social security. Some might get it direct deposited or a physical check mailed to their home.

“This applies to veterans and the IRS will work directly with the Veteran Affairs (VA) to insure them their beneficiaries who receive compensation and pension. VMP benefits will receive payments without additional paperwork. People who are disabled will receive their check automatically the same way they get their SSI (Social Security Income), and the railroad retirement recipients, which just got in, will not have to fill out additional forms in order to get that checked. This does not apply to people who haven’t filed taxes in the last few years and are not disabled or a senior, those people should go to the IRS website to find out if you're eligible for one of those checks,” Slotkin said.

Small Businesses were addressed, with Slotkin stating they are the backbone for our economy here in Michigan and says, “We passed the Cares Act, with more than $350 billion in Small Business Administration loans to help small businesses stay in business.”

Residents in Michigan who participated in the live event could call in to ask questions and were answered by either Rep. Slotkin, the Lt. Governor, or Elizabeth Hertel.


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