Ingham County Shows Support for Kids in Quarantine

Ingham County Shows Support for Kids in Quarantine

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - As many say, there is always light at the end of a dark tunnel. During these hard times, positivity is the light at the end of the tunnel!
During the first week of April, some Ingham County residents wanted to make an impact and make some peoples days better.

On Tuesday, March 31, the Ingham County Sheriff's Department did something special for a young child's birthday. A mother reached out to the ICSD wondering if there was anything they could do for her son's birthday, considering he was quarantined in the house. A young man by the name of Ryan was celebrating his 11th birthday. Sheriff Wriggelsworth along with Sgt. Hull and Deputy Clack of the Delhi Charter Township Division paid a visit. The policemen had their sirens on while pulling up to Ryan's house as he waited outside with excitement. While participating in social distancing, the three policemen passed off a couple presents including: a backpack, school supplies, coffee mug, and toilet paper and sanitizer as well. You can find a link to the video below.

On Thursday, April 2, the Meridian Township Fire Department took a trip over to somebody's house for a birthday surprise. A young girl by the name of Olivia had to celebrate her birthday quarantined in her house. The Meridian Township Fire Department made a huge impact on her special day. The Fire Department showed up to her house with 3-4 different vehicles the department uses on duty.

Fire Chief Mike Hamel stated, "We were happy to support the community and make a young person's birthday special." They were able to social distance throughout all this excitement. A very positive outcome in the situation.

A message from the Meridian Township Fire Department, "If your child will be celebrating a birthday during these times of social distancing, we would be happy to do this again. "

You can contact the Departments below:
Meridian Township Fire Department: 517.853.4700
Ingham County Sheriff's Department: 517.676.2431

It is great to see these positive things happen as the world goes through this crisis. It is always important to look out for each other during these difficult times.

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