Attorney Nessel's Response to FAQs About Executive Orders

Attorney Nessel's Response to FAQs About Executive Orders

LANSING - In the city of Lansing, Attorney General Dana Nessel has received hundreds of phone calls, emails, and social media posts from people wanting answers about how Governor Whitmer's executive orders impact them. Michiganders are anxious to know what they need to do moving forward.

The overall orders that residents of Michigan should know are as follows:

-Employers must notify coworkers when someone has tested positive for COVID-19 (without disclosure of a person's identity to the public).

-"Stay Home, Stay Safe" Executive Order (residents need to stay in their homes as much as possible). Violations to the orders can result in fines or jail time.

-It is suggested to know your employment rights. Things may have changed with the executive order.

With the United States reaching over 200,000 cases of the COVID-19, leaders are strategizing the best possible outcome as the virus continues to spread.

If you are interested in watching Attorney General Nessel's videos portraying the information needed, links will be attached below.

Nessel states, "This public health emergency is unprecedented and we are facing new challenges that have never been presented before. As we work through this pandemic together, we are overcoming those obstacles."

President Trump has moved social distancing back to April 30. This will give more time for the virus to die down and stop spreading.

The FAQ has been updating the information as much as possible to keep people notified of what's going on.

It is asked that if businesses don't fall under the category as an essential need to the community, then they will be closed down until this pandemic lessens.

More information can be found attached in a link below. Many people are out of work while others are going everyday. If you still are working, please follow the safety procedures.

COVID-19 is here and is not slowing down. This is a time where everyone must do their job and listen to the advice of leaders and health professionals.


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