Township Board Approves Rezoning of 1259 Grand River Avenue

Township Board Approves Rezoning of 1259 Grand River Avenue

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On Tuesday, March 31the Meridian Township Board held its first virtual meeting due to the COVID-19 pandemic. One action item on the agenda was the rezoning request of 1.487 acres of Gary Durow's property at 1259 Grand River Avenue.

For over 25 years, Durow has lived in and worked from the property. Having recently retired, Mr. Durrow wishes to rent the business space. He is prevented from doing so because the property is zoned RR (Residential). Rezoning the property to C-2 (Commercial) raised concerns about the type of businesses that might occupy the space.

A compromise was reached with stipulations prohibiting certain types of businesses, as well as an agreement prohibiting any changes to the exterior of the property.

This request was made to the Planning Commission last year before being sent to the Township Board. The motion was approved 7-0 by the Board.

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