MSU Community Addresses Coronavirus Concerns and Campus Updates

MSU Community Addresses Coronavirus Concerns and Campus Updates

EAST LANSING - As MSU students prepare for spring break next week, MSU's President, Samuel L. Stanley Jr., provided some updates regarding recent concerns about the coronavirus and promoting diversity and inclusion in our university.

Michigan State University wants to ensure all faculty and students that they are continuing to monitor the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. The university is also concerned about the welfare of students affected by this virus and acknowledging concerns of relatives in quarantined areas as well as travel restrictions. MSU's committee is also taking steps to better accommodate any housing, educational and other needs of international students who may not be able to go home this summer and students who are expected to arrive this coming Fall.

Another key concern deals with jokes and other forms of hurtful expressions and its impact in the community. MSU is taking extra steps to make sure everyone feels safe and included. Starting this Fall, the university will be expecting all students, faculty and staff to receive proper education and training on how to better handle situations dealing with relationship violence, sexual misconduct and diversity, equity and inclusion.

MSU is also taking steps to improve leadership such as finding a new vice president and chief diversity officer. Public listening sessions are also scheduled for university staff on March 6th and for students on March 10th and faculty and academic staff on March 16th.

"If you are among those enjoying spring break next week, I hope it is relaxing and rewarding for you, and that you enjoy safe travels," said President Stanley.

Additional Resources

Visit to learn more about what MSU is doing and what you can do to stay healthy.

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To get a sense of the scope of MSU’s environmental engagement, visit MSUToday.

Photos and tributes of former MSU President John DiBiaggio can be found online.



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