Okemos High School Students Celebrate Black History Month

Okemos High School Students Celebrate Black History Month

OKEMOS - The Month of February, also known as Black History Month. It is a time we honor African Americans for their achievements and participation of our countries history.

Okemos High School host a club called the Black Student Union club. This club is meant to update and remind students of black history and the importance of it as well all year long. The Black Student Union Club Treasurer, Sam Magoy, expressed how important Black History Month was to her.

"To me its a better way to connect with my culture, so growing up in a place where you here a lot about different types of history , it gets lost, but I think its something that needs to be brought to the forefront," Magoy stated.

At the Club's meeting on Tuesday, February 11th, Supervisor for Building Services, Ken Green, was invited as a speaker for the club. Green was able to relate to the students and give them info on his experiences with black history.

"My experiences have been numerous, and I try to share them with kids so they will see different aspects of different sides and stories," said Green.

Okemos High School Resource Teacher Pam Williams is the Advisor of the Black Student Union Club. Williams explained her goals of the club and what she does to help.

"I think Black history really should be taught all year round, it hasn't been, I think it's really important to at least focus on it now. Part of the BUC and my goal has been to continue to talk about that history all year round to the kids," Green stated.

Many schools throughout the state have these types of clubs. These clubs give students an opportunity to learn about the history and relate to their own lives. It is encouraged to learn and understand black history.

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