Planning Commission Discusses Medical Marihuana Facility Near Local Businesses

Planning Commission Discusses Medical Marihuana Facility Near Local Businesses

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The use of medical marihuana has been a widely debated topic in local communities.

At the January 13th Meridian Township Planning Commission meeting, members discussed an applicant’s request to establish a medical marihuana provisioning center located on Haslett Road.

A provisioning center or dispensary is referred to a facility where marihuana products are sold to registered patients or primary caregivers abiding to the Michigan Medical Marihuana Act approved in 2008.

In order to apply for a commercial medical marihuana facility, an applicant needs to follow requirements such as paying a $5,000 application fee and follow background checks.

The provisioning center will occupy businesses such as Anytime Fitness, Encore Salon, Vivian Nails & Spa, ATA Martial Arts and Custom Quilts & Sewing.

Throughout the meeting, members supported and shared their concerns about the center influencing these businesses such as the ATA Martial Arts school.

“I think the Township Board has made it pretty clear to have a provisioning center in this location," said Commissioner Scott Hendrickson. "I do have some concerns about the impact on the neighbors, but I don’t think they are enough to deny a qualified applicant that’s met all the criteria we have put in front of them.”

Commissioner Premoe, however, opposed the location of the provisioning center. “I think that there are other opportunities for a facility that type to businesses that might be impacted, and so for this reason I will not support putting a facility in this location."

Commissioner Premoe also explained that the location of the provisioning center might impact the martial arts school's business as most of the students are kids.

The Planning Commission decided to get a general idea of how they felt about this provisioning center. Members voted 5-3 on the issue and opened this request to further discussion at a future meeting.

The Township Board will have the final decision to approve the use of this request.

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