Four Century Old Art Mural Re-Dedication Ceremony

Four Century Old Art Mural Re-Dedication Ceremony

MASON - On Tuesday October 8th, the Ingham County Historical Commission held a special ceremony at the Ingham County Court House Rotunda. The event was open to the public and began at 7:15 pm on the 3rd floor to re-dedicate four century-old lunette murals, originally installed in 1919. Each mural of an early American scene featuring local settlers trading with Chief Okemos along the Red Cedar River. Several key speakers from the Ingham County Historical Commission to everyone in attend about the history of all four murals.

HOMTV spoke with James McCormick, the Chairperson for the Ingham County Historical Commission about why the murals are important. McCormick said "These century old murals are significant to the community because they represent our history. All four of them represent a specific scene in our history, dating back 180 years of the county. They are significant pieces of public art and Ingham County audit to treasure public art, especially historical public art. These are prime examples of old history and art, and were pleased that they've be restored and now were rededicating them."

District 10 Ingham County Commissioner Mark Grebner was also present and HOMTV asked what the murals what the murals meant to him and Grebner stated that, "when the Court House was built 115 years ago, the people wanted to capture the world that was disappearing in 1919 and preserve it so people can see it now 100 years later."

Brian Crenshaw, the Chairperson for the Ingham County Board of Commissioners said Chief Okemos brought opportunities for Native Americans over here and It's great to recognize that Native American history here in Ingham County. Crenshaw would like to thank all of his fellow commissioners who voted for this allocations of funds back in 2017. It shows our commitment to maintaining our Court House for the people of Ingham County and showing history.

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