School Safety, Helping Your Child Stay Safe From Bullying

School Safety, Helping Your Child Stay Safe From Bullying

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - As the school year progresses, the Meridian Township Police Department has some school safety tips.

Every October, schools and organizations across the country observe National Bullying Prevention Month.

Chrissy Scaccia, School and Community Resource Officer, for the Meridian Township Police Department spoke about what children can do to keep each other safe from school bullying.

"Find a trusted adult, if you are worried about retaliation for some reason, do it anonymously leave a note for a school counselor leave a note for the school resource officer."

Officer Scaccia also encourages parents to talk to their children about handling and resolving bullying.

"Whether their child is the bully or whether their child is being bullied or maybe their child may witness it and give them some options on how they can handle it but always be open to discussion."

She also looks forward to communities, schools and police officers coming together to end bullying.

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