2020 Recommended Budget Before the Meridian Township Board

2020 Recommended Budget Before the Meridian Township Board

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - At the September 3rd Meridian Township Board Meeting, the biggest topic of discussion was the Township's 2020 Recommended Budget.

Township Manager Frank L. Walsh gave the presentation of the budget to the Board.

The five budget goals for 2020 included continue working to eliminate the MERS Pension Debt, redevelop Core PICA areas such as the approval of the Village of Okemos project, fixing 12 to 15 miles of roads, the tentative opening of the new Farmer's Market in June 2020 and replacing the Municipal Building HVAC System.

Staffing changes to the following departments were also discussed: Communications, Engineering, Accounting & Budgeting and Information Technology.

The Township's Fund Balance for 2020 is expected to be $6.1 million. The General Fund is the mechanism to pay for core essential services such as police, fire, tax collection, assessing, elections, cemeteries, parks and recreation. In 2013, the Township Board directed the administration to maintain a $5,250,000 raining day general fund balance.

Discussion of the Township's 2020 Recommended Budget is expected to take place at the September 17th Township Board meeting.

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