Lake Lansing Park South New Sidwalk Ribbon Cutting

Lake Lansing Park South New Sidwalk Ribbon Cutting

HASLETT - On Friday August 30th at Lake Lansing Park South, a ribbon cutting ceremony took place on the new sidewalk that was completed. The event began at 5:30 pm through 8:30 pm. The new sidewalk extends from the corner of Lake Lansing and Marsh Road to the Lake Lansing Community Band Shell in the park. A few words were spoken and everyone involved with the fundraising and donations were thanked before the ribbon was cut commemorating the new sidewalk in the park.

The Chairperson for the Band Shell Committee, Aengus McIntosh, said before the sidewalk was completed, "it was just grass and now is more handicap accessible and give people the opportunity to go up and frequent the businesses in the corner like Quality Dairy, the Watershed. It just makes it more accessible from the corner of Lake Lansing and Marsh Road there. It really adds to the beauty of the area, the band shell itself with the sidewalk in the front here. We just thought it was needed and over the years I think it's going to be a very well welcomed addition for the patrons of the park."

McIntosh also said that, "We get a private public sponsorship together and bring sponsors in. Whatever money we raise through the rent can, the 50/50 and from the sponsors. After we pay the bands we have money left in the bank, we get to a certain point that were there may be some access. We may get the determination that needs to go back to the park because that was donated to us by the patrons of the band shell. So all the sponsorship money is direct relation to the people generously giving us money to pay for the bands that come in every Friday night, and then we use that to try to find ways to better the park. It's just a great relationship we have going on here and can't thank the sponsors enough 100% that make this enjoyable every Friday night."

As for future projects in the park, the Director of Ingham County Parks Timothy Morgan said, "We've recently worked on ADA accessibility and upgrades to the bathrooms and parking spots for Lake Lansing Park North and should be finishing up in the next month and we should have all that completed."

Ingham County Parks Department also have accepted a grant for improvements to the dock where the paddle boats are for fishing access for morning, day users and also for paddle boats. The paddle boat dock that's out there now will be replaced in 2020. That was fully funded to match the millage funds as well, and as general improvements to Lake Lansing Park South" said Morgan.

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