Surrounding Businesses Remain Open During Village of Okemos Construction

Surrounding Businesses Remain Open During Village of Okemos Construction

OKEMOS - The Village Of Okemos redevelopment construction project is well underway.

Even with the closure of different streets surrounding the Village Of Okemos, nearby businesses in the area are still open for regular business hours.

Salon Director of the Okemos Douglas J Salon, Sarah Heath, spoke with HOMTV and lets us know they haven't lost any traffic since construction has began, stating, "We're open regular business hours during construction. We don't anticipate anything changing in that manner. We still have operation of all of our parking facilities, it's just that you can't enter off of Ardmore Street. At first we needed to rally a little bit to let our guests know what the detours were, how to get around the area, but in terms of actual loss and traffic, we've actually increased our traffic through the whole month of July, which is awesome. So we really haven't seen too much. We've noticed a little bit of lateness or people calling just saying they're trying to get around and they'll still be here but we haven't lost any traffic."

She also gives us an update on when those nearby roads could be opening back up to the public.

"The road closures are all going to be intermittent. I believe August 31st, partially the roads will be opened up but I do anticipate them getting closed down throughout the development as they hit different stages. Right now, it's the environmental cleanup, once that happens i believe they plan on opening the roads but then they'll also intermittently close them again in order to get the construction moving," Heath said.

Demolition of the buildings in the Village Of Okemos are set to begin this month as workers move into the next part of the redevelopment project.

Stay tuned to HOMTV as we bring you more updates on this story.

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