New Haslett Garden Gives New Life

New Haslett Garden Gives New Life

HASLETT - A new garden in Haslett is now complete after a two and a half year process, but to residents around the Haslett area it's much more than that.

The Haslett Beautification Association celebrated the completion of a two and a half year project near Lake Lansing on Saturday. But it wasn't just a new garden being celebrated; it was also the celebration of a legacy.

“He was a school administrator, he was a superintendent, he was a teacher and all the jobs in between," said Don Lillrose's wife Irma Lillrose.

Don Lillrose was a long time Haslett resident and HBA supporter. He could be found working on various projects for the HBA and even picking up plants from stores.

With the project now complete those who new Don know how much he appreciates this garden and hopes that his love for Haslett will carry on through the plants.

"It's a great tribute," said Irma Lillrose.

While the strip near Lake Lansing Road now stands beautiful with blooming flowers, grasses and three sailboat statues, it didn't always look like that.

“Well, in 2015 the house that was here had gone into foreclosure and become a plighted piece of property," said HBA President Anne Perkins. "And it was noticed by the members of Haslett Beautification Association and they took that as a challenge.”

Each plant that was incorporated into the display was carefully selected to create a deeper meaning.

"The design intent was to make it look like it was part of Lake Lansing," said local landscaper Brad Meehle. "The plants will give waves in it and motion from the wind.”

Most of the plants in the garden are perennials meaning they'll come back every year; not just with new blossoms, but with new life and a new legacy for Don Lillrose and his family.

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