What You Need to Know about Meridian Township's Small Dog Park

What You Need to Know about Meridian Township's Small Dog Park

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Township Park Naturalist Kelsey Dillon talks about the Small Dog Park and its registration process.

It has been ten years for Meridian Township to decide the final location of the Small Dog Park, and it has been a year once the Township decided the location.

Located right in the middle of the Meridian Township, close both to Okemos and Haslett community, the park is easy to access for all the residents.

Small Dog Park are for dogs 30 pounds or under. The price for entering the park is $15 to $20 for Meridian Township Residents, $20 to $35 for non-Meridian Residents to get registered.

According to Dillon, 45 people has registered for park use, since the opening day on June 19th.

Dillon talks about the registration fee, “There were some debates on what the fee should be, and the fees are really gonna be able to help us cover the maintenance, and also be able to help programs for our special events out here. The fees are really are paying for us to take the extra step, and using a fob key system, so you have to have an electronic key to get in and out. And now we know the dogs in the dog park have been registered, and they also were licensed and have rabies vaccine.”

Additional Resources

For more information, including dog park rules and registration process are available online at www.meridian.mi.us/dogparks.


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