Fedewa Rezoning Request Sparks Interest With the Township Board

Fedewa Rezoning Request Sparks Interest With the Township Board

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On June 18th at the Meridian Township Board meeting, the Board discussed the Fedewa Builders Rezoning request for Okemos Road.

The request includes rezoning two parcels on the west side of Okemos Road upgrading from rural residential to Rx going from two units to 8 units per acre roughly. The Planning Commission did recommend approval to the rezoning request prior to the Township Board meeting.

Meridian Township Clerk Brett Dreyfus shared his thoughts on the Fedewa Builders Rezoning and also adds why he approves the proposal.

"I'm going to support this because it is compatible with density and the types of housing across the street and it doesn't have anreal negative impact on traffic in and off Okemos Road." He later states, "So we have accepted this particular proposal. When i met with the developer and went to the site i'm the one who suggested that there be tree offering place there so he actually was acknowledging of my concerns which is always trying to get additional trees or landscaping as a buffer. So that is the reason that i will be supporting the proposal that was brought to us."

The Board stated that the rezoning will include two duplexes - one parcel on each lot - and will fit in very well with the surrounding area which is across from some apartments on a street that has a great deal of traffic, which is Okemos Road.

The Board also informed the community that with this rezoning there will be a 200 percent increase in density.

After much discussion on the topic the Board took a vote and approved the proposal.

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