Car Break-Ins and Vandalism Reports in Meridian Township

Car Break-Ins and Vandalism Reports in Meridian Township

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Police are investigating reports of car break-ins and vandalism in Meridian Township.

Meridian Township Police Lieutenant Rick Grillo said that the most recent occurrence of this has been in Ted Black Woods Park.

“There's a post that was hit with either an ax or a hatchet,” he said. “We've had numerous park bench damages in the same manner.”

Grillo said that the Department is looking to the public for more information to solve that case.

He said that residents should call 911 right away if they see someone vandalizing property and try to take a picture from a distance to help identify who the culprit is.

Fortunately, there is an ongoing investigation for the break-ins already.

Grillo said, “We have numerous suspects that we have interviewed and we'll be seeking charges for those as well.”

He advises residents to report any break-ins even if nothing was stolen from the vehicle.

“We prefer if they called us that way we have a good idea of where the biggest problem is and we can funnel our resources to that area,” said Grillo.

Residents can prevent break-ins by parking in well lit areas, locking their doors and making sure to not leave valuables in their vehicles.

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