Planning Commission Denies Proposal Allowing Higher Density of Housing on Land

Planning Commission Denies Proposal Allowing Higher Density of Housing on Land

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On Monday June 10th, the Meridian Township Planning Commission discussed a rezoning project application requesting that a higher density of housing be built on land for residential development upgrading from rural residential housing a single family-medium density housing with conditions.

This proposed rezoning is project is located on the North side of Bennett Road and is East of Hagadorn Road.

Commissioner Scott Hendrickson shared his concerns about the safety of the public if this request were to go through, "I do share some of the concerns with regarding traffic. I have a young son who will soon be out playing in the yard and in the street. And to have cars whipping down-an increasing number of cars whipping down the streets does concern me. In addition to the fact that he'll be of school age in a few years and will likely be walking over to Bennett Woods and the amount of traffic coming down Hulett feeding out of your neighborhoods and mine, I'd like that to be as reasonable as possible."

At the meeting residents and the Commission shared concerns of safety, traffic, environmental impacts as well as density concerns. Every resident that spoke as well as the Commission were all against the proposal.

The Commission took a vote at the end that saw the Commission unanimously vote against the proposal however it is left up to the Township Board to approve or deny the proposal at a future meeting.

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