Revisiting to Repave

Revisiting to Repave


ORIGINAL STORY: HASLETT - “Like the moon it was craters everywhere,” said Haslett Road Resident Murcia Robinson, when describing the road conditions, “that was even scarier, people would have to jump from one side to the other because their were so many spread out."

On June 10th to mid-summer of 2019, residents of Haslett Road will experience reconstruction for local street repaving. Currently construction is being done on Cade and Biscayne Way, located adjacent to Haslett Road.

This is a continuation of the Meridian Township Local Road Program which began during the summer of last year, but construction was not able to complete the area. Last summer residents grew very concerned about the safety of the roads being the project was incomplete.

“Preparatory work [has] been done [on Cade and Biscayne Way],” said Managing Director Bill Conklin of the Ingham County Road Department, “the man-holes have been adjusted and preparation for final course of paving which is expected to occur either later today or tomorrow."

Construction on Cade and Biscayne Way is scheduled to be completed during this week and continuing pavement on to Burcham Drive. Progression of the road repaving will depending on the scheduling of the construction company as well as weather conditions.

After additional pavement the Ingham County Road Department will then start work on shoulders and road restoration which includes road cleaning and creating ride-able pavements.

Repaving on Haslett Road has begun and will continue this week. Construction will then continuing to Hamilton Road at Dobie and at Nakoma on Saturday, June 15, preparatory work for these areas will begin on Friday, June 14.

Though there still have been concerns regarding the revamping of Haslett Road from its local residents.

“They’re not here and its three o’clock so that apart of [it] that really struggles with our schedule,” said Haslett Road Resident Murcia Robinson, “but if their on time and prompt it’s awesome but we understand their doing a lot of roads but then again [its] also scheduling how many roads you’re doing."

“So far it's a smooth road, it's back to where we wanted it to be less bumps,” said Robinson.

During construction there will be some traffic delays, flagging, and lanes closures on Hamilton this Saturday, stated Conklin, both at Hamilton and Nakoma and Dobie. Contractors will be paving about a third of the road at a time.

“I’m sure folks are getting restless to have the streets completed and we’re working as rapidly towards that as we can,” said Conklin.

There will be a road closing from Eastbound Grand River to Eastbound Hamilton between Grand River and Nakoma.

Beginning tomorrow construction plans will continue, depending on weather conditions and contracting scheduling. On Thursday, June 13, the following residential streets will be paved:
Starboard, Cornell-Shoals
Buckingham-Woodville + Cade,
Biscayne-Haslett + Hallendale,
Biscayne-south of Franklin
Burcham, Jo Pass-E Hidden Lake

After the following streets are finished being repaved they will completed the residential streets being worked on.

Additional Resources

For continuing updates on the local road repaving feel free to visit or contact the Ingham County Road Department at 517.676.9722.  


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