Youth Fishing Derby Makes For A 'Fin-Tastic' Day

Youth Fishing Derby Makes For A 'Fin-Tastic' Day

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Good things come to those who bait and families and friends who casted their lines into the Historical Village Pond earlier today found this to be true .

Meridian Township’s Parks and Recreation Department held its annual fishing derby from 9 am to noon so families and friends could enjoy one of Michigan’s premier outdoor activities. And the event was a catch.

“We have poles to borrow, bait to use so we get them all set up and ready to go,” said Park Naturalist and Stewardship Coordinator Kelsey Dillon. “It’s really for parents and kids that might not get into fishing otherwise and we want to make sure they have all the chances to get out and enjoy this wonderful sport.”

Awards were given out at the end of the event to kids who chose to compete in the derby. Some of the awards included first fish caught, most fish caught and largest fish caught.

The largest fish for the entire day was a nine-and-a-half-inch bass caught by five-year-old Lily Hsu.

“It was really hard to reel it in,” Hsu said. “It was really big and it was really strong so I really had to just like, pull it really hard so I could get him out.”

The first fish was caught one minute after the event kicked off and the most fish caught was 18.

Each winner received a certificate and a $20 gift card to stock up on their own fishing supplies.

The event concluded with a total of 100 fish being caught throughout the day.

Meridian Township hosts the summer fishing derby once a year as well as an ice fishing derby in February. Both events correspond to the Michigan Department of Natural Resource’s free fishing weekend allowing adults to fish on public water throughout the state without having a license.

To see other future events being hosted my the Meridian Township Parks and Recreation Department, you can visit the calendar on the Meridian Township website;

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