Red Cedar Manor Requests Approved by Township Board

Red Cedar Manor Requests Approved by Township Board

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Meridian Investment Group LCC was once again before the Meridian Township Board at the May 21 meeting regarding their proposed development project - Red Cedar Manor, which would consist of a new 73,050 square foot mixed use building with 78 multiple family dwelling units and 2,830 square feet of commercial space on Northwind Drive.

The Board had the option to approve or deny the proposed Mixed Use Planned Unit Development project as well as the Special Use Permit for the project.

"I appreciate the applicant's willingness to come back and to work on this project. We did start the applications credit with a site plan that would have reduced or increased the impervious or pervious area of the site by a small amount, but at our last board meeting we were able to increase that from 56 percent to I believe if my memory serves to about 68 percent which is about as good as it gets in this Township," said Trustee Dan Opsommer.

Trustee Opsommer was also pleased they could increase the height and reduce the footprint and utilize shared parking, adjacent to it so they can get the impervious area out of the floodway.

Treasurer Phil Deschaine said that there is a 50 year old building on the spot close to the river, and currently have a lot of parking within the floodplain and will be removing a lot of that. "They have a higher and better use for this land and will be a real asset for the Township and provide a portion that meets our walk-able standards."

Clerk Brett Dreyfus was also appreciative of the applicant working within the hydrology of the area with the Red Cedar River with the imperviousness required, with getting rid of the concrete and parking space. Clerk Dreyfus felt that is was a good move in the right direction and move up a level in order to reduce the building footprint and minimize the impact of the Red Cedar River and in support of this.

Supervisor Ronald J. Styka stated that a Board from long ago made a bad decision allowing this building to be there in the first place with all the parking and floodplains. Supervisor Styka also said that the developers worked hard with the Meridian Township to make the best of a project as what was there, rather than having something being dilapidated or torn down and was appreciative of all the hard work and is in support as well.

Trustee Patricia Herring Jackson gave a reminder about the Special Use Permit and stated that the resulting building is greater than 25,000 square feet, and is a performer process based on what came before us and are essentially approving as our responsibility.

The Township Board were in agreement and voted 7-0 on both requests for the project.

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