Meridian Township Holds Annual Arbor Day Tree Planting Event

Meridian Township Holds Annual Arbor Day Tree Planting Event

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - On Saturday, April 27, 20 people volunteered at Towar Woods Land Preserve in Meridian Township to plant 175 trees for the annual Arbor Day Tree Planting Event. During the event, Meridian Township Stewardship Coordinator Kelsey Dillon shared how to properly plant the trees throughout the site to ensure growth.

"Make sure the hole is deep enough to fit the whole tap root plus maybe an inch, so it is not hitting hard ground right away," said Dillon. "You want to put the roots deep enough, so that the crown of the tree goes right above the root. You do not want to bury it too deep the tree will not get enough oxygen."

Dillon also described what this event means for the Preserve and the community, "We are in the Towar Woods Land Preserve today for the Arbor Day Tree Planting event we are planting 175 native deciduous trees out here with about 20 volunteers from the neighborhood we are in our fifth year and our reforestation plan will greatly improve the ecosystem health out here in the preserve."

Dillon and volunteers look forward to continuing this event to fully reforest the preserve.

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