Haslett Daycare Center Limits Technology Use

Haslett Daycare Center Limits Technology Use

HASLETT - As technology continues to advance and persist in society, it seems everyone is glued to some kind of device. However, that's not the case for one child care center in Haslett.

Debra Ellis, Owner and Director of The Children's Enrichment Center in Haslett, said she hardly uses technology at all in her facility.

Ellisa said her after-school-age children use technology sometimes, but her preschool-age children do not use it.

Instead staff at the facility take the children for walks, read to them and allow them to swing and ride bikes in the motor-skills room.

With the preschool-age kids, Ellis said she is focused on teaching them social skills and preparing them for kindergarten.

And although she says she's not an expert on technology, she does have some though on young children's use of them.

"So I believe that children need to play and children need to be able to run and not in front of a screen," Ellis said. "I think that they, at this age, it's my belief that it hinders them, but I'm not a technology expert, it's just my belief and what I think is right."

The Children's Enrichment Center is located at 1549 Haslett Road.

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