Spring Time Flooding Safety

Spring Time Flooding Safety

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - Its spring, and with spring comes a lot of environmental changes, including increased flooding in roads.

A flooded roadway can be dangerous and can lead to damage to vehicles or even medical emergencies. It is important to remember that although the road may look safe, or even fun to drive through, these conditions are not always as safe as they look.

Lieutenant Rick Grillo, of the Meridian Township Police Department said that, "Pretty much any pooled water over roadways can be dangerous." He also added that, "the only way to know how deep the water is is to go into it, and we don't recommend anyone going into the water with their vehicle."

Usually if there is a particular road that is especially flooded, Lt. Grillo said that will be a squad car nearby with overhead lights on.

A couple of roads that have the most flooding in Meridian Township is at Grand River and Okemos Roads, as well as Okemos and Gaylord C Smith Court.

Not only can driving through a flooded road create a risk to your vehicle and well-being, you also risk receiving a fine.

"If you disregard the road sign, or police vehicle that's blocking the roadway, fines start at $130 for the civil infraction, and they go up from there."

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