Launch Lansing Trampoline Park Holds Grand Opening

Launch Lansing Trampoline Park Holds Grand Opening

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - After being open for 30 days, Launch Lansing Trampoline Park held its grand opening on March 23.

Normally the special light effects would only be on towards the end of a groups time limit in the park, but during the grand opening, they were on all day.

Assistant General Manager Peter Terry explained that not everyone knew that they were open, so they decided to have a huge opening to make sure that mid-Michigan knew that they were there.

Terry was excited and happy about the turnout for the event. "Everybody's glowing, everybody's laughing, everybody's smiling, everybody's jumping. It's an awesome experience and awesome family entertainment," he said, "I wish I had this when I was a kid."

Special guests dropped by including NFL Hall of Fame Cornerback Ty Law, who spent a lot of time signing autographs.

Michigan State's dodgeball team also made an appearance.

Activities in the park include basketball, dodgeball, an obstacle course, laser tag and more.

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