Okemos Library Teaches Technology Services to Senior Citizens

Okemos Library Teaches Technology Services to Senior Citizens

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - For senior citizens, or anyone who is looking to get technology assistance, the Okemos Library, which is part of the Capital Area District Libraries, can help you.

Chris Potts, Public Service Librarian at the Okemos Library said the library used to host monthly programs at the Meridian Senior Center, teaching everything from how the computers worked and what the different parts were to teaching digital photography. However, due to a lack of interest and attendance at the Senior Center, Potts said the Okemos Library stopped hosting those events.

Now, teach sessions are being held at the Okemos Library and can be reserved by appointment. Making appointments helps the library meet everyone's various needs, Potts said.

"Since there's such a vast difference in digital proficiency, especially among seniors, it's easier for us to cater to their needs by being able to suit what they want," Potts said.

The Okemos Library provides technology services ranging from how to use programs like Photoshop, to answering questions about social media accounts' privacy settings.

To make an appointment to receive a teaching session, contact the Okemos Library at 517.347.2021.

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