Zoning Board of Appeals Denies Variance Request at Feb. 27 Meeting

Zoning Board of Appeals Denies Variance Request at Feb. 27 Meeting

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - The Meridian Township Zoning Board of Appeals discussed a variance request affecting a lot located along Mizzen Drive in Okemos.

Steve and Colleen Sherman applied for a variance from the code of ordinances a building addition to an existing single-family home.

The house was build in 1940 and is considered to be nonconforming as it does not meet the 20-foot front yard setback, or the 30-foot rear yard setback. A previous variance was filed on the home in 1984 to allow for the construction of a second-story addition to the home.

The Sherman's proposed construction, at it's closet point, would encroach 6 feet into the required 30-foot rear yard setback.

There are eight different criteria that need to be met in order for the board of appeals to grant a variance and Meridian Township Planning Commissioner Ken Lane felt they were not met.

"As you all know, we've got eight criteria that we have to meet to grant a variance and we have to meet all eight," Lane said. "So if we meet six or seven, that is insufficient to approve. Looking at the criteria, the number one unique circumstances exist that are peculiar to the land or structure that are not applicable to other land or structures in the same zoning district, you know I'm just not seeing that." 

The board voted unanimously to deny the variance request.

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