Purchase a Dog License or Get a Misdemeanor

Purchase a Dog License or Get a Misdemeanor

INGHAM COUNTY - In Michigan, residents are required to have a dog license if they own a dog. In Ingham County, residents could get a misdemeanor if they don’t have one.

In order to get a dog license, a dog must be up-to-date on rabies vaccinations. Acquiring a one-year dog license costs $15 for dogs who are already spayed/neutered and $45 for dogs who are not spayed/neutered. To purchase a three-year license, dogs must be up-to-date on rabies vaccinations for three years.

Possessing a dog license could make the difference in whether or not a lost dog is returned to its owner.

Ingham County Treasurer Eric Schertzing and Animal Control Director Jodi Lebombard will visit communities from now until April to speak with pet owners and educate them about the importance of getting a dog license. They will also inform people about the process of obtaining a dog license and the punishment if they disobey the law.

Michigan residents can vaccinate their pets and license them at a low cost at the monthly vaccination and licensing clinics hosted by Ingham County Animal Control. Cat owners aren’t required to license their cats but animal control suggests cat owners get their cats vaccinated for rabies.

According to a press release from Ingham County Animal Control, dog licenses may be purchased at the Ingham County Treasurers offices in the Veterans Memorial Courthouse in Lansing, the Treasures Office in the Mason Courthouse, Ingham County Animal Shelter, and some participating local veterinarians.

Additional Resources

For more information, visit http://ac.ingham.org/DogandKennelLicenses.aspx


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