Township Board Moves Rezoning Request Discussion for New Action Item

Township Board Moves Rezoning Request Discussion for New Action Item

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - During the Feb. 19 Township Board meeting, the Board discussed a request from builder, Jim Giguere.

The sight location for the proposed rezoning lies on the north side of Robins Way and East of Hulett Road with approximately seven acres of land.

Giguere's proposed rezoning request is to have the current RR (rural residential district) category of the zoning area rezoned to RAAA (low-density residential area): a single family category with minimal lot areas of 20,000sq ft.

If the rezoning of the area is approved, the seven acres would include new public roads with a cul de sac, maximum of seven residential lots, a twenty foot preservation area, a fifty foot preservation area, a ten foot tree buffer area and five foot tree buffer area.

Township Clerk, Brett Dreyfus, shares that he was worried of the quality of life that existed in the current adjacent neighbor and protect the natural asset that the neighborhood provided.

Dreyfus showed his support by stating “In the present, I felt Mr. Giguere was a good corporate citizen with his business. The plan before us protects us and gives us, the community and the neighbors a fifty foot natural preservation area and several key components of it. Visually, it’s going to be much more appealing”.

The Dreyfus closes his remarks sharing “By going through a rezoning, we actually get a better layout and a better final design than we would if he didn’t come here and simply just went with RR. So this is in my view is a win win from a land use plan from working with neighbors and I will be supporting this”.

After no further discussion, Supervisor Ron Styka moved that the request move to action items for the next meeting which will be held on March 5, 2019 at 6pm.

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