Broadway Musical Review Raises Over $4,000 for Choral Scholarships

Broadway Musical Review Raises Over $4,000 for Choral Scholarships

EAST LANSING - The United Methodist Church in East Lansing hosted the Broadway Music Fundraiser to help raise money for the Michigan State Choral Scholarship fund.

Friends and family gathered to enjoy desserts, coffee and songs. Throughout the night various love songs were sang by members of the choir.

The fund is given to three students to help support their educational and singing career. Matthew Greenburg, a junior at Michigan State and a scholarship recipient expressed his passion for singing.

"It's really just a blessing to make music and connect with the members of the church and members of the community in an emotional way," Greenburg said.

When it came to attention that the scholarship fund was beginning to run low, the church's music director, Connie Gamage, came up with the idea to host a singing showcase. This is how the Broadway Music Fundraiser was born.

After several months of preparation, the event succeeded it's goal by selling 80 tickets and raising over $4,000. Gamage showed her appreciation towards everyone's hard work.

"It meant a lot to me," Gamage said. "To have people commit their time, money and effort toward being able to sustain something, that's really meaningful. And its a great connection for this church to have with the university."

The church is unsure if the event will become annual but you can catch the singers at Sunday service.

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