Local School Districts Are Out of Snow Days

Local School Districts Are Out of Snow Days

MERIDIAN TOWNSHIP - It’s only the second week of February and local school districts have already run out of snow days.

The weather throughout mid-Michigan has been so severe that Haslett Public Schools has already had nine snow days - the most recent one just yesterday.

Haslett Public Schools’ Superintendent Steve Cook said the school district is allowed a maximum of six snow days. Under special circumstances, the State of Michigan can waive three additional snow days. Michigan was under a State of Emergency in early February and Cook hopes this is taken into consideration when the state reviews the school district's snow-day allotment.

“We have filed a waiver but [have] not heard back from the state yet,” Cook said.

Cook, who decides whether or not to cancel school, said the process is based on multiple factors, including road conditions, the temperature and making sure the buses are operational. If the school district exceeds the maximum number of snow days, the school year will be lengthened to make up for lost time.

“The safety and security of our staff and students is our number [one] priority,” Cook said. “Most parents understand this and respect our decision to close school,” Cook said.

Okemos Public Schools could not be reached for comment.

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